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How to keep hydrated while running

Credit to Healthy Catholic is a chock-full of useful information, just a while ago, I came around their Hydration 101 article which basically tells you how to keep yourself hydrated. I think this is useful not only for the runners but everyone, I think we tend to take keeping ourselves hydrated for granted because its dangers doesn’t manifest itself in an obvious way.

The article contains valuable information which, I think, isn’t that well-known:

  • You know you’re hydrated if you urinate at least 6 times a day in large volumes
  • Drink 16-24 ounces of water before your run to make sure you’re well hydrated
  • Weigh yourself nude before a timed training run, and then again after. One pound of weight loss equals 1 pint of water loss. Calculate your sweat rate and use this to determine your fluid needs during a run or race.

  • After your run, you should drink 20 to 24 fl oz (or 2-3 cups) for every pound that you lost

And then, there are those that are really obvious:

  • Alcohol dehydrates you and you should never drink this before a major run because it is never fun to run with a hangover
  • Don’t drink too much water before your actual marathon, otherwise you’ll have to do stops to go to the bathroom. Obviously, this will hurt your time, and who wants that?
  • A healthy person’s urine should be of light lemonade color. Erm, now that’s a juice I don’t want to see for the time being. 😛

How do you keep hydrated during your runs? Care to share any tips? 🙂


Beginner Marathoners: Training Tips

The people at News world report posted a very helpful article for runners who are going to their very first marathon race. Actually, it’s more of a list of tips than an actual article. I broke it down for your reading pleasure 🙂

  • A week before your marathon, remember to switch your training to stretching. This is so your body will be supple before the race, make sure not to overstretch though! Remember, too much of something is bad for you.
  • Make sure that to take note of all the marathon training items that you must have at least 2 weeks before the race. You don’t want to find yourself scrambling for your towel minutes before the actual race! If you’re flying for the race, make sure that you can fit all of them in a carry-on bag, less hassle and stress for you (what if it gets lost?!)
  • Within the last week prior to your marathon you should try to build up your carbohydrate intake to around 70% of the dietary intake. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. Glucose is additionally broken down into glycogen.It is the glycogen that influences the amount of time that you can sustain race pace. Nicely trained runners have sufficient glycogen levels to run for around 15-20 miles. It is when your glycogen stores start to dwindle that you might feel the effects of hitting the wall.
  • Avoid stress and strenuous activities a week before the race itself. Your main aim during this period should be to keep your feet up and to rest your entire body. Obviously, it’s hard not to stress out over the race specially if it’s your first time so try doing some meditation or psych yourself whenever you feel doubt and stress.


Last Minute Marathon Tips

So it’s the night before the big day. It’s normal to feel a little jittery, it is after all, the culmination of all those months training and exercising and dieting. However, sometimes, because of nerves we tend to make stupid decisions, and forget that all those trainings and exercises will go to waste if you think this day should be any different just because it’s marathon day.

So, the following are the tips you should keep in mind before your race.

  1. Eat your usual breakfast
  2. Write your name on your vest
  3. Don’t glug water before the race
  4. Take it easy — Don’t charge off at the start!
  5. Don’t count the miles
  6. Congratulate yourself
  7. Conserve your energy
  8. Avoid blisters
  9. Enjoy it
  10. Run through the wall