Last Minute Marathon Tips

So it’s the night before the big day. It’s normal to feel a little jittery, it is after all, the culmination of all those months training and exercising and dieting. However, sometimes, because of nerves we tend to make stupid decisions, and forget that all those trainings and exercises will go to waste if you think this day should be any different just because it’s marathon day.

So, the following are the tips you should keep in mind before your race.

  1. Eat your usual breakfast
  2. Write your name on your vest
  3. Don’t glug water before the race
  4. Take it easy — Don’t charge off at the start!
  5. Don’t count the miles
  6. Congratulate yourself
  7. Conserve your energy
  8. Avoid blisters
  9. Enjoy it
  10. Run through the wall

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