Feeling tired? Here’s 12 reasons why

Just a break from marathon races and news, let us address something that not only runners have to face almost everyday. Tiredness, apparently, you don’t just get tired because you just did an activity or because you just ran. It can also be triggered psychologically, if you’re feeling extremely lethargic these past couple of days or if you ever find yourself in this situation in the near future, look inside yourself and see whether one of the following is the culprit.

  1. You’re bored.
  2. You have allergies.
  3. You’re over-caffeinated.
  4. You’re multi-tasking.
  5. You’re anemic.
  6. You have poor posture.
  7. You have an underactive thyroid
  8. You have undiagnosed heart disease.
  9. You’re not exercising enough.
  10. You’re dehydrated.
  11. You’re pre-diabetic.
  12. You have sleep apnea.

Read the explanations here: 12 Reasons You’re so Tired — And How to Get Back on Top


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