Parts of running shoes

Mizuno wave from ZBSports

Mizuno Wave

I’ve always believed that to be able to use something more effectively or buy the right one for you, you should have a deeper understand of how something works first and of course, its parts. The Jogging Machine created a great post on the parts of a running shoe, namely the outsole, midsole and upper.


As the bottom of the shoes, it contacts with ground closely and directly. Therefore, it should be waterproof, anti skid as well as anti abrasion.

The rubber and construction provides you a safety shoes.

Firstly, the rubber should be durable and somewhat stiff, if possible, a lighter weight and more flexible would make the outsole perfect.

Secondly, flex grooves and split heel make up a solid construction. The grooves on the forefoot of the outsole allow the foot to flex and roll naturally. As for the split and flared heels, it makes the heel-to-toe running motion more efficient.


Placed between the outsole and the upper, a midsole is the most important parts of running shoes in that it ensures the stability of shoes and protects our feet.

Sometimes while running, the vibration from the ground can reach to our body 8 times stronger than normal walking. Without a midsole, the vibration coming along with running would injure us. In order to protect our feet, some famous sports shoes like Nike shoes, Adidas shoes were applied with advanced technology. And there are two types of cushioning are commonly used in running shoes: EVA and PU, which could reduce excessive inward rolling of the foot and increase shoe`s stability.


Mainly refers to the parts above sole. What matters are its ventilation, appearance and convenience.

This is the part that closely contacted with your feet; we can take it as a protection cover.

The materials and construction of the upper should provide stability, comfort and fit room for feet to flex. Furthermore, the appearance of the running shoes often plays a vital part, for people are hard to resist the temptation from beautiful things.

Don’t you feel more empowered now that you know?! 🙂



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