Running for the Dog

Yep, this is one Disney movie plot line you wouldn’t want to miss. Once there was this one innocent pup, got beat up by some douche 10-year old kid and got superstar status. How did that happen? It’s only once in a blue moon that getting your bones broken because of maltreatment get that kind of media attention. I guess the last time I have known of was Rodney King, I think.

Thanks to the Montgomery County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Pennsylvania runner Kim Bursner, the dog is now in safe hands. “I read about it in the paper” says Kim, whose own dog had died two years earlier. “After the second or third time I saw the story, I thought, That dog really needs a good home. I want that dog. So I e-mailed the district attorney’s office, they put me in touch with the SPCA, I filed an application, and I got her.”

But the road to recover does not end there. Since she is a runner, she hooked up the dog into it too.
“Last fall, I thought, Let me take her (running) and see how she does,” Kim recalls. “We did four miles, no problem. Ever since then, she’s been running with me.”

In April she decided to sign up for Lehigh Valley Half-Marathon to run alone and do a fundraiser for SPCA. With media connections, she was permitted to run with Rhiannon, the dog, granting they would start from the back of the pack. And with the dog being so nervous with all those people around them, they managed to finish the race. “We felt great,” says Kim. “It went well.”

More details at Runnersworld.


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