Adidas adiStar Salvation Shoes

One factor that I want to require for my running shoe is comfort. I wouldn’t want to go on the race whincing in pain until the finish line. I guess Adidas has an answer for that.

Introducing the adiStar Salvation shoe line by Adidas. It cater to the different needs for women and men runners. For the girls, they will have “a closer fit – snug in the heel and roomier in the front; a smoother ride with softer cushioning and Torsion System; a soft pad in the bunion area.” Whereas men would have “improved fit with active ForMotion tech on the lateral side and a ForMotion heel unit specially placed for men.”

Just what is ForMotion? It is “a technology that adapts the shoe to your natural running motion. On the shoe’s upper it stretches and contours as you plant and push off again. And in the heel it adapts to your individual footstrike to ramp up comfort and fit for your best run.” For more info on the shoe line, click here.


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