Iceland Volcano Eruption Affects Boston Marathon

Though it may be thousands of miles from where the eruption was coming from, specifically in Iceland, the Boston Marathon is gravely affected by this natural phenomenon.

Although there are participants who already arrived for the competition, there are still many who will be coming late—or not at all. This signals the Boston Athletic Associations to work double time for their accommodation.

Earlier in the week,flights in and out of many of Europe’s major airports were canceled because of the atmospheric disturbance caused by the volcanic eruption underneath Iceland’s  Eyjafjallajokull glacier

However, Guy Morse, the Executive Director of the Boston Athletic Association said that the travel snarl won’t affect the elite field for the marathon or the elite 5K and mile races scheduled for Sunday since many of the athletes have arrived or already en route with no major issues.

Morse added that BAA is now in coordination with its 30 partner hotels  in the vicinity to insure the reservations are held for the stranded/delayed runners. And for those who won’t be able to make it to Boston at all, they are being given the chance to get the accommodation in next year’s race.

This pretty sad on a runner’s part since all preparations for the race has been made. But you can’t contest with Mother Nature.


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