Runners Caught by Hail Storm

If there’s one ‘ouch’ that would aptly describe an injury, it would be this.

Four Grinell Collge students were caught during a hail storm in Iowa. According to the report by KCCI, Pat Crawford and her husband were driving near the school when they found one of the students along the road. She said: “We saw right up here, there was a kid in the road looking like he was flagging things down. And you could tell he was a runner because he had the running shorts on, he was barefooted, and he looked pretty beat up.” The student told her that his fellow runners (two women and a man) were hiding under a ditch.

And when the couple brought the students to a nearby hospital, she took picture of the gruesome injuries they incurred. “That’s why I took the picture. It was unbelievable. I’ve never seen a human body that looked that beat up and they were still walking around.”

Wow. All the while I thought they were stung by bees.


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